Mechanical Services

                Firefighting system:

                                                       We design our firefighting systems as per NBC, TAC & NFPA recommendations for following systems:

  1. Fire hydrants system;
  2. Automatic sprinkler system;
  3. Automatic medium and high velocity water spray system;
  4. First aid fire protection by extinguishers; and
  5. Gas suppression system with different extinguishing gas medium.

             Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system:

                                                       Design of systems with different permutation and combination to get energy conserving options.

  1. Variable Refrigerant flow (V.R.F.)/ variable Refrigerant volume (V.R.V.) system;
  2. Ductable split unit;
  3. Centralized water cooled air-conditioning system by screw chiller, screw chiller with inverter technology, centrifugal chiller and magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers;
  4. Centralized air cooled air-conditioning system by scroll compressors, screw chiller and inverter technology screw chillers; and
  5. Vapour absorption machines (V.A.M.)

         Bulk petroleum oil storage and distribution system:

                                                       Our designs are as per norms set by Chief controller of explosive, Nagpur for petroleum class A, class B, class C.

         Boiler, Steam and Hot Water generation:

  1. IBR and Non-IBR boiler with steam piping system;
  2. Hot water generation by fuel fired hot water generators;
  3. Hot water generation by Heat pumps;
  4. Solar water heaters and heat recovery units; and
  5. Scrubbers and chimney for flue gas from boilers and D.G. sets.

            Industrial gas piping system:

  1. For Research laboratories in manifold distribution and bullets; and
  2. For Compressed air and vacuum system.

           Piped Medical Gases system:

                                                       Designing for Centralized Oxygen, Vacuum, Medical air, Surgical air and Nitrous oxide gas (for O.T.) systems as per:

  1. HTM 2022 recommendations; and
  2. NFPA 99 recommendations.

         Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) Equipment:

                                                      Layout and selection as per operation load of surgical instrument and linen.

     Kitchen and Laundry Equipment:

                                                     Layout and selection of Equipments as per requirement for Hospital, Hotel and Residential schools.

Plumbing Services

          Water treatment and pumping system:

  1. Water filtration and softening system;
  2. Demineralization water system for food and boiler grade;
  3. Ultra-violet sterilization and disinfections of water;
  4. Reverse osmosis system;
  5. Hydro-pneumatic system with and without variable frequency drives; and
  6. Water for Injection and Kidney dialysis Plant for 14-bed system.

        Plumbing and Sewage System:

  1. Designing internal plumbing piping system for water supply and sewage outlets for buildings;
  2. Designing external sewerage system for Housing and Township; and
  3. Rainwater harvesting system for ground recharge.

       Sewerage, Septage and Effluent treatment plant:

                                                       We design Sewerage, Septage and Effluent treatment plant based on following technologies:

  1. Activated Sludge Process (A.S.P.);
  2. Extended aeration system (E.A.S.);
  3. Submerged Aerated Fixed Film (S.A.F.F.);
  4. Floating Aerobic Bioreactor (F.A.B.);
  5. Membrane Bioreactor (M.B.R.) technology;
  6. Sequencing Batch Reactor (S.B.R.); and
  7. Phytorid  Technology.

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